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By Dr.Satish Prakash

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The Personal Conduct of Arya Samaj Leaders – Take 2   
November 01, 2009 by Shruti Prakash

The Personal Conduct of Arya Samaj Leaders – Take 2

October 31, 2009, by Shruti B Prakash

A recent occurrence at the Vedic Cultural Centre (Diwali Celebration/Concert 2009) has again given me much to think about regarding the personal conduct of Arya Samaj Leaders. Recall Part 1 of a similar blog entry dealt with a senior leader of the Peel Arya Samaj providing a speech/joke re: A Dog named Sex. To review this blog entry – click here:

In this specific case involving the Diwali Celebration at the Vedic Cultural Center, a junior member of the Executive Body of the Toronto Arya Samaj presented a joke, much to the dismay of the audience. This joke was centered on the resulting confusion of relations when a man marries a divorced lady who is also the mother of a young daughter; the confusion coming when the father of the man then marries this young girl and further complicates matters when children are born from both marriages – the supposed punch line of the joke is “who calls who what” familial names such as – uncle, grandfather, sister, uncle, son-in-law etc?

·         To say that this subject matter does not belong in a “Mandir turned concert hall” is an understatement


·         To know that such verbal content was uttered by a member of the leadership of an Arya Samaj Body is sacrilegious.


·         To have the larger Collective Leadership of the Arya Samaj watch and sit silent (as has occurred at the Peel Arya Samaj) is indicative of a systemic and growing problem in the Leadership of Arya Samaj.


·         A mere generation ago, this kind of behavior (public or private) by a Leader of Arya Samaj would not be tolerated and consequently would be vehemently eradicated– either by Collective Samaj Leadership (Multiple Samaj Communities)  including Pandits or the listening public.

Let me provide some thoughts on this matter particularly regarding the causes of this progressive decay of standards displayed by the collective body of Samaj Leadership – the issue is at the base of the system for determining who our Leaders are:

·         Thru the electorate process, executive leaders of Samaj are voted in with no consideration of any knowledge of the doctrinal value system of the Arya Samaj including the Satyaarth Prakash


o   If one were to poll 25 Samaj leaders in 3 cities in North America and ask “why was the Arya Samaj created? Or Identify 5 reformatory objectives of the Arya Samaj”. The response would be devastating to the learned Arya Samajist


·         Popularity is the driving factor for electability


·         The listening, target audience is also generally weak on issues related to doctrines of the Arya Samaj



o   This is why popularity (and not doctrinal qualification) is the primary factor for Samaj Leader eligibility.


·         As a result of the declining doctrinal knowledge base and awareness of the Samaj Leaders , the Pandits armed with their sometimes feeble knowledge and awareness are often put aside, in favor of the “popularism” of the Leaders and Masses.


·         This “popularism coupled with meager doctrinal values” has resulted in a focus on social club type events – dinners, fund raisers, picnics, politically motivated charity events and the invitation of “Scholars of other belief systems” who propound doctrinal concepts directly opposed to the foundation of the Arya Samaj – to the almost complete oblivion of the leadership and the listening audience


·         All of this has happened within  ONE generation


·         What does the next generation hold for the future of Arya Samaj?


The above points are directly responsible for the “near total” erosion of reformist and educational efforts of the Arya Samaj.

Summary Comments:

A Call to Arya Samaj Leaders:


·       Restore the stature of Arya Samaj as a preeminent Hindu reform movement.


·        Re-focus on the Doctrinal Strength of Swami Dayananda and the Satyaarth Prakash


·       Be personally knowledgeable and doctrinally aware of the basic aspects of the Satyaarth Prakash and the Reformist Agenda of the Arya Samaj


·        Re-position the Learned Pandits and Scriptural Masters and give them their rightful position of influence and leadership


·       Be respectful and stay true to the intent of Swami Dayananda and the hundreds of his torch bearers and their unparalleled efforts in turning around centuries of decay in Hindu civilization onto a nobler path.


·        Be mindful of your custodial duties within this world organization with the defined Mission to lessen human suffering, educate human minds and to elevate society onto a nobler path.



I encourage a discussion on this subject. I ask the readers of this blog not to focus on the individuals involved in the 2 referenced incidents; but rather put your thoughts to the systemic issues raised in this Blog Entry with the objective of fostering correction.

Please post a reply below!


Shruti Prakash is a member of the Arya Samaj Community. He is the author of this Blog entry and his views do not necessarily represent the views of MDG NA Inc.

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