Respected Guruji , Sat-Sat Pranam and  Namaskar


We feel glad ,proud and previliged to have blessing on us and to have a place in your feet .

With Warm regards

Sukhvir Sangwan and Rakesh Kumar from India

By Dr.Satish Prakash

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Aryasamajtoday is under the spiritual leadership of Satish Prakash, PhD., Vyakaranacharya. He is the Founder and Executive Director of Maharishi Dayananda Gurukula, NA, Inc. He can be reached at
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How to access the MDG Learning Center Portal   
November 24, 2009 by Shruti Bhushan Prakash

How to access the MDG Learning Center Dashboard for Facilitators

There are three (3) steps

Step 1 of 3:

Login to the site = use your own user id and pwd. If you have been previously set up as a Learning Center Facilitator, you will be able to go to step 2



Step 2 of 3:  Locate this link below in the image - called Facilitator Dashboard in red . If you cannot, please contact Support at - toll free 877-211-8244 or 905-452-9788 ext 4002





Step 3 of 3:  A new window opens with the Dashboard below.

Using this dashboard you can do the following

  • View High and Low bandwidth video - test your internet connection and your computer system BEFORE the workshop starts
  • The dashboard is designed for a GROUP of students
  • Add attendees present for current worshop  - this list is kept in the system for future use
  • Print a list of attendees
  • Email attendees (useful for next upcoming workshops)
  • Download courseware - a copy is normally sent to you early so that you can print required quantities for participants.
  • Attendees can ask questions in thier own names (not used often as the chat feature is better at this kind of interaction)
  • Chat interactively with other Centers and Dr Satish Prakash during the workshop
  • View Chat History
  • View Question History





(a) Use Internet explorer - the video playback will not work with Firefox!

(b) Require minimum Microsoft Windows Media Player 10 - get it here for free -


Please contact Support at - toll free 877-211-8244 or 905-452-9788 ext 4002


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