Respected Guruji , Sat-Sat Pranam and  Namaskar


We feel glad ,proud and previliged to have blessing on us and to have a place in your feet .

With Warm regards

Sukhvir Sangwan and Rakesh Kumar from India

By Dr.Satish Prakash

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Feedback from Hitopadesh Part 2 Workshop May 30, 2009

DAYANAND WAS DAYANAND                                             By   Pta. Indrowtie      


                Such an immaculate physic, such determination of purpose, such bravery in mission, such physical forbearance,such sympathy for the entire world as against pity for his people,such indeed was the personalityof Dayananda Saraswati,the greatest social reformer this century has seen.

                Moolshankar as he was known in childhood days,was born in 1824 in the village of Tankara, in the state of Gujerat, India..What irony of mission for this orthodox Brahmin son--destined to revolutionize the entire fabric of the cancerous caste system which had tenaciuosly gripped the Indian sub-continent  Dayananda's only weapon for upliftment and survival of his people was the revival of the Vedas.In his relentless battle , Dayananda propagated freedom of conscience which enabled the individual to eradicate all evidences of superstitous beliefs and practices.He detested all forms of religious .propagandism which stifled tolerance, justice, and charity to persons of other religious background or even non believers. Armed with the shield of fearlessness, the language of truth and the footsteps of spiritual light, Dayananda Saraswati the arena determined to rejuvenate the conciousness of the seemingly lost people.

                Rejuvenation, for him, meant the resusitation of the Aryan culture which is undoubtedly the foundation for spiritual and social development. Dayananda was that believer of the purity and infallibility of the Vedas who refused to accept any tenet or principle which negated that of the Vedas.In the establishment of the ARYA SAMAJ Dayananda once again crystalized the Vedic concept of one omnipotent omniscient and omnipresent God who is formless.He re-established the total equality of all human beings and disregarded any notion of high and low The Rishi very vehemently opposed the blind faith that a mediator is necessary for communication with the Almighty God.In his Vedic analysis he pointed out very scientifically that since God is the creator of the entire universe, there is no need to confine Him in a form of any shape or size. Swami Dayananda condemned the social evil of hereditary priesthood since ,according to him,every individual has to merit his status in life by his own efforts. The Rishi strove to uproot all forms of unscientific and anti-Vedic rituals and ceremonies which was speedily creating a mockery of religion.

                Dayananda,in prescribing the conditions for a healthy life in his SATYARTHA PRAKASH, enumerates the qualifications for the four stages of life and he insisted on celibacy as being the foundation of progressive family life. Discipline had been one of Swamijie's most potent weapons in his struggle with his opponents. He generated immense fear in his opponents with physical endurance and mental accomplishment. Cow protection became a priority in his social and religious campaign.

                Dayananda's life reflected a mirror of truth based on his call for truth in speech, truth in the soul, truth in vision, truth in action and truth above all , Dayananda bequeathed upon his disciples the legacy of the same truth and hence the survival of Vedas and the Arya-Hindu culture was assured.

                 Swami Dayananda's call to the world was to rationalize with Vedic intuition and to treat everyone else with love, impartiality, tolerance and to seek a fulfillment of Vedic ideals. He vehemently deprecated the use of fraud ,force or conspiracy in the conversion /re conversion process, but the Rishi encouraged conversion through honorable and free acceptance of the Vedic faith.

                An analysis of the sacrifice and conviction of this towering personality will prove that Dayananda cannot be defined because--Dayananda was Dayananda.

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