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Sukhvir Sangwan and Rakesh Kumar from India

By Dr.Satish Prakash

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                                                           Vedas the Scripture of universal knowledge.                                                                    
                                                                                         Harmony with God yields all round success perpetually.
                                                                           Imam stomam arhate jaata veda se ratham iva sam mahimaa maneesha yaa .                             
                                                                Bhadraa hi nah pramatih asya sam sad agne sakhye maa rishaamaa vayam    tava ..    Saam Veda 66           
  This Mantra propagates four kinds of instructions:
1. God is the cause of all causes of this Cosmos, The laws of Creation cannot be breached if success is hoped for.. Discard injustice and promote justice . 3 . Practice truth and discard falsehood . 4 Pains and poverty hinder progress.  
    God is the cause of all causes of this creation is a controversial theory since time immemorial; there are several schools of thought on this topic. We will discuss what the Vedas say of God, Creation and its purpose. This creation is made up of matter, matter is inert, and without any consciousness, this Creation is well designed, every force is intelligently placed in their respective orbit, they are independent from each other in attributes and purpose, they perform their chores complimenting each other, this universe is like a chain each force is like links of the chain, if any link goes bad, the equilibrium of the chain is disturbed, so with the Cosmos if any force performs abnormal, the equilibrium of nature is disturbed.
At the dawn of Creation God revealed the Vedas through inspiration to four of the best of the first batch of human beings. The Vedas say God took matter and extensively heat it, an extensive explosion followed the heating process, from the explosion space appeared, then wind followed, the sun came, water came then the earth, after a duration of time, the sun the oceans the planets the moons were fixed and placed in their right order and the cosmos from chaos started to function.
After a lengthy duration of time signs of life in the different planets started, plant life first appeared, amphibians ,reptiles, feathery creatures came then animals finally human beings came. 
There are a variety of species of creatures in this creation each specie of animate and inanimate forces has its own purpose and quality, there is no redundancy in nature which is God’s creation. Creation is a continued process in the plan of creation, because creation and dissolution are intertwined forces. God is the Creator of the laws of science. The laws which govern nature is called science or Dharma The dharma of the sun is to emit energy or Praana to sustain the different animate and inanimate species of the planets which evolve around it, the dharma of water is to cleanse and cool the planet the moon has it own dharma. The purpose of creation is for souls to do noble action to gain mukti or liberation and at the same time to give human body energy and to give souls the facility to develop the wisdom to know the difference between wrong and right, the teaching of the Vedas is in harmony with modern science
Justice and injustice.
 Justice is one of the principles which creates peace and prosperity in human society, Justice gives freedom to all humans and lower creatures alike, wherever justice is accurately dispensed there wisdom, wealth, freedom, and newness reign supreme. Justice destroys fear and violence in human society, justice is dispensed by the relative heads of society, and also God,   Injustice railroads all virtue from society, and cause despair, and all the vices you can think about. Injustice is the cause of world wars friction in homes and communities 
Truth and falsehood.
 Truth is regarded as the best principle for individual and collective success. Every moment in time so long as one is awake the question of right and wrong confronts a person, right represents truth and wrong represents falsehood. The Vedas defines truth as the laws of nature, truth is the principle which takes one to success, truth is the foundation of all that is good and great, truth is a standard quality in the past , at present and the future, truth under goes no revision, any machine or buildings if it built according to truth will function well and last for a long time, compounds are made proportionately, if they are made   according to truth will be more effective than the ones which are not truthfully compounded. 
There are two kinds of truth one natural and the other relevant, natural truth is upheld by nature or you can say God, relevant truth lasts so long as the need is there, the primary creation is natural like the laws of physics mathematic and chemistry, the sun moon water earth the law of gravity, rotation of the moon , high tides and low tides in the of the ocean etc, the secondary or relevant truth is changing as the need requires, going to war with two nation so long the war is on, the more killings go on and territories are conquered the better the feelings of gains are felt, but when their is no war, killings etc. are no longer regarded as truth. Everything which is made by man needs revision and refurbishing etc.
Pains and poverty.
 The individual souls are completely free from evil, and has full access and freedom to commune with God, imagine an electrical circuit has a shortage in its system, the circuit’s power to function becomes reduced, so with the connection or relationship with the universal soul [God] and the individual souls. Whenever an individual soul occupies a human body, the soul’s power is increased to think, in fact its mind -0`becomes so developed that it becomes second to God, the eyes, the ears, the nostrils, the tongue and the rest of the body send messages via the memory bank, and the intellect sends them to the soul, the soul through the intellect
messages become helpful to the soul, the bad ones cause short circuit in the communication with God and the good messages clear the circuit to communicate with God. 
Wisdom, every moment of time is sent to every human soul by the Almighty God short circuit system it will hear the messages, if a person throws a pebble in big pool of clear water that act will create a circle of wave 360 degree, so the messages of wisdom or God will reach out to all humans who is free from short circuit 
Pains and poverty are man made, they can be avoided, if the appropriate steps are taken to educate self and to take sufficient measure of discipline .
God is not malicious, He is perfectly just and merciful, He has given unto all humans full freedom to think speak and act, He gives the reward of every action, every thought and every word spoken . The individual person is responsible to mold his destiny and to free himself from pain and poverty.
                                                   Man can do some things which God can do in a limited form.
                                                                                     Mahyam yajantu mama yaani havyaa aakutih satyaa manaso me astu.
                                                                                  Eno maa ni gaam katamach chan aham vishve devaaso adhi vochataa nah ..    Rigveda 10. 128. 4.
 Man must develop his soul with God- like qualities, his or her intention must be virtuous and intelligent, at no time in her or his life an evil act should be committed, become literally and morally educated, and
preach and teach the Vedas, that God does not want humanity to become beast like in quality. Why must humans develop God- like quality ?              
This creation is made by God and is governed by His laws, in order for humans to exist they have to interact with nature, for the needs and wants of all humans to be full filled, they will have to be taken from nature or the earth. There is a wrong way and right way in doing everything in this Cosmos the right way is called science and the wrong way is called ignorance . All human being are born ignorant, they have to be schooled.
God made science which are physics mathematic chemistry astronomy biology etc. these branches of science are for the physical needs and wants of the body, man has a soul he or she must be thought the principles of controlling the body mind and ego, by cultivating the qualities of non violence, societal truth, patience, live and let others live, the art of controlling anger, prevent covetousness jealousy and hate.
Evil is the cause of all kinds of destruction.
God made nothing evil so, no evil is tolerated in the plan of this cosmos, no animal does any evil, humans do evil because God has given man freedom to do what he or she likes, there are many kinds of evil , ignorance is evil,, and for not knowing the purpose of human birth,  
Not knowing the difference between God and nature, not paying any heed to public opinion, having the facility personally and not using it to help living creatures out of their helplessness, not giving assistance to develop public awareness to remove from the community the things which are considered anemic to the growth of civility, not helping to build institutions of learning and Dharma.
Learn, teach and preach the Vedas so that animal quality does not affect humans                                     
The first set of knowledge which we call scripture is called Veda was revealed to mankind at the dawn of creation, Veda means wisdom, wisdom is the cause of everything visible in this creation, God is the cause of wisdom, because God is perfect so, the Veda is perfect, perfection means time cannot alter or subtract anything which is perfect.
Time is perfect, the laws of nature is perfect, water is perfect, fire is perfect also wind, the earth is perfect, the principle of birth growth and death is perfect, this creation is a composition of various chemicals, decomposition must follow all composition, that does not mean the chemicals are lost
The Veda says every soul has the right to enjoy the freedom to live be it a human soul or lower kingdoms’ soul. Lasting success can only be successful if it is truthful and moral, only in unity with nature, with humanity, and the need at the particular time for something, can endure the onslaughts of human criticism and other phenomena.   
God made one race and that is the human race, males and females both have equal status in this cosmos, motherhood is the fashioner and fatherhood is the protector of everything which is made by human beings in this world.
                                                                    Human beings are the deputies of God.
                                                                                                                Indram vardhanto apturah krinvanto vishvam aaryam.
                                                                                                                          Apaghnanto araabnah      Rigveda 9. 6 3. 5.
 This mantra says next to God in this Creation are human, human being   can do most things in this plan of nature in a very limited scope. Human beings’ mind are divided into four categories, teachers and thinkers, administrators, generators of wealth and thinkers or manual performers.
The Vedas calls on the four kinds of mind Brahman., Kshatri, Vaishya and Shudra
The Vedas calls upon all males and females of the teaching class to who live a morally well disciplined life to educate the other three categories of mind to perform so as to enhance wisdom and prosperity in the community. The Vedas calls on the administrators to establish justice and fairness protect life and property, protect the society or nation from foreign invasion, to the generators of wealth to generate enough wealth and succors for the growth of health comfort peace and sanity in the nation, and the technicians to manufacture articles and medicine which will give comfort and ease to the nation.
Our civilization today is practicing the same principles of the four kinds of minds as the Vedas advice, the monetary system today causes the system not to run as smooth as the culture requires, because the more money one gets the more he or she wants, this practice develops greed and imbalance and power mongers in our civilation.
In the Vaidic age there were no monetary system, their were the barter
 Salient thoughts from the Vedic \ Hindu Saints .
So long as a person is awake the eyes, the ears, the nostrils, the organ of feelings constantly send messages to the soul, these messages fleet away like the action of sneezing, the wise do not allow the messages to disturb the equanimity of their psyche.
Speech is called Saraswatee, Saraswatee means charming, charming words create a magic in human relationship, speech enriches the intellect and the heart at the same time.
Knowledge becomes barren if it is not transformed into action
The motive of all actions must be to accelerate truth, goodness and beauty
The ones who practices injustice suffers more than the ones who suffered injustice.
He or she is a greater victor who gains success over his or her animal appetite., self destruction has no resurrection.
History is not always authentic, good poetry is like a light in the path way of the dark spots of life.
A poet falls into the inner dept of his soul’s will before he uses his pen and lips.
Intellectuals who do not pattern their thought with “ with the things I do not like do not give to others’’ do not become the leader of the masses.
Real saint never becomes a wealthy man, but he wields power over the masses, more than millionaires and monarchs.
Physical appetite is a very close friend to anger, when they both come together self destruction is inevitable.
Beauty lives for a short time like the roses of the gardens
A person who chooses divine truth as his guidance becomes the choice of all, and the mentor of humanity.
A person of free will can only untie people who are lost in the prison of ignorance,
Victory and wealth gained by persons with unstable mind can use them to create havoc in society
The seed of goodness fructifies in the inner most shrine of every human, before words of wisdom is spoken, and the action which brings success is performed.
A person who constantly repeats the same mistake does not search his soul’s treasury for solutions.
The soul would not able to cleanse itself if he or she only develops the power of reasoning, but a combination of reason, justice and compassion do the magic.
Warmth and positive emotions remain steadfast in a person so long as he or she remains tranquil in their mind.
 Twins of nature like gains and losses, pleasure and pain, birth and death, give experience more than a teacher, in fact twins of nature is the best of all teachers. 
Nature has a lesson for all sane thinkers, a plan of life program is the first act, then, the execution of the plan is required, if either one is not followed properly, then success will be hard to obtain.     
Every person says and does actions, only a few have been able to become a model in life .
Failure does not indicate the end of the journey of life, but it definitely gives an iron will to achieve success.
Dedicated teachers are like good florist who groom variety of roses in their in their gardens. All the students of different schools become in their respective vocations sweet smelling roses, this credit goes the teachers
Noble action is the best form of prayer.
Wise people do voluntary service with a smile and thinks as if it is duty.
The unwise refuse to do, if by chance he has to do voluntary public service, he feels it is an insult.
Fearful persons are enemies to themselves, they fail badly to make contribution in the society, humans naturally have something valuable to contribute to the welfare of the community.
   Friendship does not last long if doubts are experienced in the relationship.
When friends meet each other friendly thoughts and sweet words should be the topic of discussion .
Friendship is the sweetener of life and the solder of society.
There is no saint without an unfortunate past, equally, there is no unfortunate person without a bright future.
Physicians administer medicine but nature does the healing.
Popularity does not come by possessing a healthy body, but by using the body to promote peace and tolerance in the community.
Art is just an emotional image, it is the artist’s emotional expression. 
Nature is like a unfathomable book, if only one word is taken out of it, which is truth, the world becomes a heaven over night.
The beauty of life is not to harbor any hate in one’s personality.
Human can tolerate external pressure for a longer time than the pressure of internal vices in his psyche.
The power of reasoning gives man the know how to fashion his intellect to the domain of success.
He is poor who does not treat an univited guest with honor.
That country is not great by having many churches and priests but whose jails and hospitals are not crowded with inmates and patients .
Beards and religious uniforms do not make a person god fearing, live and let others live makes one a god fearing person.
A leader who has the ability to unite people to promote noble character, knowledge, charity to the needed, humility and truth, worths the noble prize of every heart. 
There is limitation in acquiring knowledge; unfortunately, there is no limitation to ignorance.
In the atmosphere rain clouds hold tons of water, when it is ready to rain it falls on the earth in fine drops and it is very pleasing. Similarly
Educated men are filled with wisdom, they also disperse their knowledge in simple terms for all to enjoy.
  Charity is a permanent law of nature.
Om Yadanga daashushe twamagne bhadram karishyasi .
Tavet tat satyam angirah   Rig Veda 1. 1. 6
                                   Meaning .
Agne , The illuminator of the cosmos, Anga thou art the body of this creation, Angirah the embodiment of perfect action and wisdom , dashushe thou art the giver of all kinds of success to the intelligent and charitable persons, bhadram karishyati and the giver of salvation from all kind of vices, tava it satyam, thou art the imperishable law of justice.
This mantra advises mankind to follow the law and pattern of nature, because nature possess all the needs and luxury which gives the ability for living and non living creature life’s sustenance and growth. Every force of nature is in the mode of giving and taking without attachment.
Nature is a perfect organization, from the sun to the minutest object of nature, they are playing distinct roles to keep the statusquo of creation
                                                      Om . 
                                        Rig Veda Samhitaa.
Mandal one. Sookta one. Mantra one. .
 Om. Agnim eede purohitam yajyasya devam ritvijam . Hotaaram ratna dhaatamam .
        God is called Agni or Agranee, He gives success, He shows the pathway towards success, success is evident in the Cosmos, He constantly creates, sustains and destroys every force such as space, wind, sun, water and earth and all other physical units which were made out of the five oriental forces in this creation, He continuously gives encouragement to go on to achieve success, every creative object of the cosmos gives comfort. I revere, praise and worship Him for all my physical and spiritual needs. Agni means knowledge, knowledge is the key and a necessity to escape from natural calamity, such as flood, storms and earth quake etc. social and political disadvantages and self inflicted pains like ill health, untimely death and poverty etc.
 Sookta one . Mantra two.
Om. Agnih poorvebhir rishibhir eedyo nootanair uta . Sa devaam eha vakshati.
        Men and women at the beginning of human creation who were called Rishis, understood the knowledge and purpose of the creation, taught and gave direction through the principles of yajya, in the past to all humans. The same principles are practiced today and will continue in the future, because the principles and purpose of the Cosmos is eternally the same from creation to dissolution, through out the ages.
Sookta one. Mantra three
           Om . Agninaa rayim ashnavat posham eva dive dive . Yashasam veera
vattamam .
       Wealth which is acquired through Agni =God / knowledge and karma is a gift, this gift is attained by the discipline moral and hard working humans, who constantly perform in harmony with the principles of yajya. Wealth gives long life, fame, comfort, peace, and noble life partners, off springs and friends.
 Sookta one . Mantra four.
          Om. Agne   yam yajyam adhwaram vishvatah paribhurasi .
        Sa id deveshu gachati .
          Yajya is the principle which governs the movements of the universe, every animate and inanimate creatures and forces from humans to the minutest creatures, from the solar systems to an atom, they move in harmony and share their potentials with each other, in order to exist with success. When human beings understand, the success of human civilization to exist depends on yajya, they may able to prevent the annihilation of the hard earned standard of knowledge, standard of medical values civilized mannerism etc. Every parent every house holder must start to package the mind and intellect of the new born children so that, when their
time comes to become parent they must know the art to live and teach the principles of yajya.   

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