Respected Guruji , Sat-Sat Pranam and  Namaskar


We feel glad ,proud and previliged to have blessing on us and to have a place in your feet .

With Warm regards

Sukhvir Sangwan and Rakesh Kumar from India

By Dr.Satish Prakash

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Vedic Concept of Om (God) and the Creation


Om Vishvaani  Deva Savitar  Duritaani Paraasuva


Yad bhadram tanna   aasuva     Yajrveda  30. 3


·        God the Creator of the Universe, do remove from us all that is difficult in our experiences ,and all tendencies  to transgress Your Laws and bring unto us all that is beautiful, and benevolent and auspicious .


At the dawn of every Creation, God takes Matter and makes it into five                Elements, Space, Wind, Fire, Water and Earth, and composed them into a whole proportionately which is called the Cosmos .  God makes the bodies out of the materials of the Cosmos which the Souls occupy, any object which grows or moves a Soul is present in the body, when the Soul is removed from the body by death or otherwise it does not function and starts to decay, this is the normal or natural course or function of every created object from the Sun to a Microbe,


                                         The Qualities of God Soul and Matter

God Soul and Matter are combined together to make this Cosmos, God is the Agental Cause Matter is material cause Souls are the purpose of this creation, from eternity to eternity.   This is a perfect plan, because it is perfect there is no room for revision , if any one who would like to make something  has to find a maker, material and purpose before reality is achieved, in every Creation this same procedure is adopted , perfection never under goes correction addition  or subtraction, perfection is a Quality of God ,   

God is Perfect, Eternal All Powerful, All Knowing and Present Every where at the same time, and Perfect Happiness , Matter is Eternal  Inert and cannot design itself, Souls are Eternal,  Limited  power to think and to do any action, Souls are innumerable in number or you may say countless, Souls can do most things like God in a limited way Souls cannot create a Sun Moon and place and sustain them where they are, Souls cannot achieve any thing without creating a cause   



              Soul, Mind, Intellect Body and Ego.                                 


Soul is the master of the whole body structure.  The five cognitive senses send their respective messages to the mind the mind relays the messages to the intellect the intellect then sends the messages to the Soul, the Soul  makes the decision yes or no it is good or evil, the Ego gives the Soul the power to think individually. The eyes only function with light, the ears with wind only, the nostrils with water the tongue with water the skin or feelings with earth. The five cognitive senses function because of space and Gravity God has created space and Gravity.  The Souls of Humans are influenced by impressions or Sanskaars anything you think speak and act the impressions are left in the memory bank for future references


The five Cognitive senses are related to the five elements which are space air sun water and earth, anything a person wants to do has to use the cognitive senses and the senses has to use one or more of the five elements, the five other senses which are hands and feet stomach and the two organs of procreation and execration of wastes are subject to the intellect and the intellect is subjected to Soul and Soul is subjected to God ,










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