Respected Guruji , Sat-Sat Pranam and  Namaskar


We feel glad ,proud and previliged to have blessing on us and to have a place in your feet .

With Warm regards

Sukhvir Sangwan and Rakesh Kumar from India

By Dr.Satish Prakash

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Aryasamajtoday is under the spiritual leadership of Satish Prakash, PhD., Vyakaranacharya. He is the Founder and Executive Director of Maharishi Dayananda Gurukula, NA, Inc. He can be reached at
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Ethics and Morals Enrich Our Lives
Feedback from Hitopadesh Part 2 Workshop May 30, 2009
Who am I ?               I am a soul I am not the body, my soul is the conscious force which directs the mind what to think to speak and what action to do , the soul is immortal never born and will never die, my body dies but, not me, the soul, I am born again and again in different bodies according to the karma or action I do in different species bodies I take.                                            
 Is the soul different from God? Yes, there are countless numbers of souls, but there is only one God, imagine there are countless numbers of souls perched on a tree eating and enjoying the fruits of this tree, God looks upon the birds what they do how they eat the fruits of this tree, the tree is this Cosmos the individual souls are us, who occupy the humans animals birds insects bodies etc. God being Omnipotent Omniscient Omnipresent looks and supply all the needs for souls to exist in their respective bodies, He God dispenses justice flawlessly accurate to all the souls which occupy bodies,     
The Souls of humans, animals and birds etc. are different from each other?                       No .There are three Elements Coexist with each other, God Soul and Matter from eternity to eternity they were never born will never change, they are the cause of this Cosmos, God is maker and designer of this Cosmos. Matter is the material with which God took and made this Cosmos and the Individual Souls are purpose for this Cosmos.
Why souls are born in the bodies of brutes? Because the souls which did wrong Karma in the previous human bodies they occupied, they are born in brutes bodies to repay the consequences of their evil actions, brute’s whole life is programmed they act with instinct and not with reason, since they were created at the time of creation they behave the same way until dissolution of the Cosmos, when they will finish serving the consequences of their action in the animal body then they will be born again in human forms.
                                                             Some Useful Hints.
Knowledge is the tool which man must use to remove ignorance, poverty, illness, and all other impediments which hinder him to achieve comfort peace prosperity and fame. 
Selfish actions performed create opposition in the community, action performed for the benefit of the community and self and family is the best, it creates good relationship in the neighborhood.
Freedom from pain has been the purpose of mankind day to day adventure, looking for better source of qualitative life.
Immoral action performed may result in bringing good, but short lived , but , moral action results in long term good.
Pain is the worst enemy of man pain is the result of wrong Karma, good karma acts like a moral bank account.
Human beings are a composition of body and Soul. They are likened to a vehicle with two wheels both wheels must be lubricated before you have good movement, body and soul are the two wheels physical science is the lubricant for the body and Divine Science is the lubricant for the Soul.
Physical Science is developed by studying Physics, Mathematic and Chemistry and Divine Science is developed by studying the Body Mind and Intellect, this knowledge is found in the Yoga Darshan of the Saint Patanjali.
The power to discriminate between wrong and right is the beginning of the journey towards evaluation of the needs of life, the right needs are the panacea to better speech and action, humans are not respected because of body beauty, family popularity but by their own speech and action.
The Educational system the Economic system and the financial system are geared only to quench the physical needs, the spiritual needs are neglected big time, the spirit of man is the real dictator of all human activities , when the spirit is neglected then Lust begins to dictate the man, lust is the beginning point of every one’s destruction.
There is one Universal Soul, without a beginning or ending, that Soul is called Aum it is pronounced Om also called Paramaatmaa, there are countless numbers of individual Souls which are called Jeeva Aatmaa , the Jeevaatmaa has limited power in comparison with Paramaatmaa, the individual Soul is given a body to do karma in order to get Mukti or liberation from being born in this Cosmos, the souls which occupy body or bodies is immortal the bodies die and not the Souls .
The materials with which the Cosmos is made of, is called Prakriti or Matter, God Soul and Matter coexist together, they are the cause of this massive Creation, they never born or will cease to exist from eternity to eternity, Om or God took matter and create and fashion this Cosmos for the benefit of the individual Souls

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