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We feel glad ,proud and previliged to have blessing on us and to have a place in your feet .

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Sukhvir Sangwan and Rakesh Kumar from India

By Dr.Satish Prakash

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Ethics and Morals Enrich Our Lives
Feedback from Hitopadesh Part 2 Workshop May 30, 2009
                                                      By Brigadier Chitranjan Sawant,VSM
 Prithvi is our planet Earth. Shanti means Peace. This is an excerpt from a Veda mantra praying for peace of self which is similar to the peace that prevails in the elements of Nature. Will mere chanting of a mantra or a hymn from a scripture be enough to achieve the aim of putting ecology back on track. It is not exactly so. A prayer goes a long way in building the human will to act and to achieve the aim. Thereafter it is the WILL that exhorts the individual to put in effort for karma or action and reach the goal. Thus it is a happy blend of Prarthana and Purushartha or prayer and action to achieve the aim. One complements the other; one is incomplete without the other.
The planet Earth is ravaged. It has been ravaged by no extra-terrestrial aliens but by human being who were born on this earth, are sustained by this earth and after the soul leaves the body, their body is cremated and ashes sprinkled in fields. Dust to dust and ashes to ashes, that is what the priest says in performing the last rites. Thus a human being is wholly dependent on planet earth from the beginning to the end, both in life and death. The Earth is generous to humans; shouldn’t the humans be generous to the earth and not disturb its basic structure and ecology. Isn’t it incumbent upon Mankind to maintain in good shape what he and she have inherited from the ancestors. The bond of love and continuity between the ancestors and the posterity is provided by the planet Earth.
VEDAS are the most ancient scriptures available to Man for Divine guidance right from the day one of human Creation. Emphasising the importance of planet earth and its loving bond with human beings, the Veda says “Prithvi Mata Putro Aham Prithivyah” and it means that planet Earth is our mother and we are her children. Isn’t it the duty of the offspring to take care of the mother and not bother her with one demand or the other to the extent of milking her dry. Frankly speaking, with the fading away of moral education in schools the children have been bereft of the rich religious and cultural inheritance and, therefore, their behaviour has been showing an anti-social trend. Moreover, with the worship of Mammon gaining ascendancy and worship of God declining, the human behaviour is at its worst. The society is responsible for nurturing humans with Rakshasa-like values of life and consequently the devta-like values of life have beaten a retreat. It is
feared that good values of life may fade into oblivion. Thus the progeny of today cares little for its biological mother, what to say of ecological mother, Earth. Indeed a change in attitude is called for.
Mother Earth is now undergoing a painful period of her life of millions of years. What ails the Earth? Myriad problems generated by her own children. With a view to acquiring mundane wealth, man has been destroying the happy balance of Nature that had existed for thousands of years. Peace prevailed then. Does it prevail now? In this context it would be relevant to quote the Shanti mantra which is a perfect example of human beings deriving Peace from many elements of Nature and praying to Parmatma, the Almighty, for imbibing the same Peace that prevails in Nature. It is indeed a perfect synthesis of Mankind and Nature in its pristine peace. The mantra runs thus:
       AUM dyauh shantirantariksham shantih prithivi shantirapah shantiroshadhayah shantih. Vanas-pataayah shantirvishve devah shantirbrahma shantih sarvam shantih shantireva shantih sa ma shantiredhi.
The celestial bodies in the firmament exist in harmony; harmony permeates space, earth, waters, herbs and foliage, bounties of Nature, divine knowledge, one and all around: harmony and harmony: O God may that harmony(Peace) be a part of my personality.
This Veda mantra leads the way, man has to follow. Man has to train his mind and harmonise it with Nature. If the harmony is perfect, Man and Nature will always be friendly, never turn into enemies. Once the human beings start looking at Nature, planet earth is a part of that, the environment will remain clean, the ecology will be human friendly and Man will be ecology friendly, the word pollution will be used in talks in the past tense and perfect harmony will prevail.
The climate is at the receiving end of all ills. The main cause of change for the worse in the global climate is global warming which in turn is triggered by emissions in home- hearth, industry, transportation; one may say the green house gases are caused by production and consumption of energy. The People’s Republic of China is the main source of a high degree of emissions because her production and consumption of energy is coal based to the tune of 70 per cent. Naturally, the pollution in China is more than in any other country in the world. The next in the row of polluters is the United States of America. Other developing countries, including India have caused emissions resulting in global warming. Right from the Kyoto protocol days in 1997 sailing through Rio-de-Janeiro to the present comparison of notes among 120 heads of states or heads of governments, the main point at issue is cutting down of industrial production to reduce pollution and
resultant global warming. No nation is prepared to go beyond a token cut lest it loses the initiative and the runners up becomes the winner. It is feared that in the Copenhagen summit in December 2009, the unwillingness of the developed nations to accept a voluntary reduction in industrial production is likely to be the biggest stumbling block. The developing nations take the plea that amelioration of hardships of their citizens living below the poverty line is dependent in industrial growth. Hence a cut in production will mean putting the clock back for backward nations.
In view of the above logic, the danger to Maldives, Mumbai, London, the Netherlands and other low lying areas of being submerged in the rising waters of oceans is as grave as ever. The Arctic is melting, the ice sheets of Greenland are converted into rivers, the glaciers are melting and taking the shape of dangerous icebergs floating into new water bodies of the Arctic and they all give the danger signal to low lying land on planet earth. The sea water is eating into land causing social tension. The food for humans and fodder for animals will be sown and harvested in lesser areas giving rise to violence, food riots and what have you.
Yugratna Shrivastava, a teenage student from Uttar Pradesh, India and an activist to prevent global warming has rightly pointed out in her address to the United Nations General assembly that we, as individuals, may contribute our time and knowledge by educating the less privileged men and women not to burn cow dung or jungle wood in open hearth or chulah as that too contributes to global warming and climate change that affects rainfall and food production. Indeed Ban Ki Moon, Secretary General of the United Nations opened a new chapter by inviting her to participate in the UN deliberations to prevent global climate change
Generally speaking the average rainfall in some areas of Asia and Africa is much less now than it was a couple of decades ago. The food production is consequently affected adversely. We may make an endeavour to educate people of both developing and developed world to take to HAVAN on a community level. This process of making an offering of purified butter and a mixture of fragrant herbs to the fire lit ceremonially causes rainfall in deficient areas. It will cool down the climate and increase food production. The world organisations may adopt HAVANS in an organized manner on an experimental basis. Besides cooling of climate a socio-religious activity like this will definitely cool tempers and prevent social tensions. Men, women and children of all faiths, regions and religions are free to perform havans. No eyebrows will be raised. It is not expensive either and even lower middle class families may perform Havans to purify their local environment. Many
families going through this drill will produce a cumulative effect to neutralize local factors causing climate change.

There cannot be two opinions that the time to act is NOW. Procrastination is the thief of time. A delay in dealing with the climate change may adversely affect our Mother Earth and consequently Mankind. It is our sacred duty to let our children and children’s children inherit an Earth that is conducive to good health, lessens social tensions and generates spiritual happiness.
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